Caroline Kincade - RDT (RRA), B-Tech-TM
Osseointegration Technologist

Carolyn completed her Dental Technology Diploma from NAIT in 2007 and worked in privatelyowned
dental laboratories where she focused on dental device construction with a high need
for aesthetics. Carolyn joined iRSM in 2013 and is interested in using digital technology to
replace conventional dental processes. She went on to further her post-secondary education
and obtained a Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management in 2017. She uses
conventional training, an interest in digital technology, and aesthetic skills to help patients
needing intraoral prosthetics at iRSM.

Carolyn is very involved with the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta, sitting on two
committees–the Finance Committee and the Competency Sub-Committee. She was also a
member then chair of the NAIT Dental Technology Advisory Committee from 2007-2017. She
is now a board member for the Bachelor of Technology Advisory Committee and the Alumni
Association Advisory Committee at NAIT.