Mar 21

Global News – Innovation in Alberta : Tech helps cancer, stroke patients re-learn how to swallow

An innovative piece of tech made in Alberta is helping teach cancer and stroke patients how to swallow again. Dr. Jana Rieger and her team created Mobili-T to help patients with dysphagia, a medical term for a swallowing disorder that occurs as a side effect of those medical conditions.
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Oct 18

iRSM Appoints Patient to its Board of Directors 

The Institute of Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) is proud to announce the appointment of Steven Csorba, a longstanding patient of iRSM, to its Board of Directors.
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Aug 18

No longer ‘the guy with one ear’

Research Forum spotlights patient experiences at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine By Laurie Wang on May 17, 2017 For 35 years, Michael Brown was known as “the guy with one ear.” Born with hemifacial macrosomia, Brown thought he would just get used to having no right ear and no hearing on one side for the rest of his life. “It defined who I was, how I met people, where I stood in the room—even where I would sit in the movie theatre,” said Brown. “I was defined by what I wasn’t, not who I was.”
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