Dr. Gabriela Constantinescu - MSC-SLP, PhD candidate
Speech-Language Pathologist, Co-Lead of Head and Neck Surgery Funcational Assessment Laboratory (HNSFAL)

Gabi first joined the iRSM Functional Outcomes Team in 2009 where she worked closely with
patients to understand speech and swallowing outcomes following head and neck cancer. She
also served as the Program Coordinator for the Head and Neck Research Network.

In 2013, Gabi began her doctoral work by joining Dr. Jana Rieger’s team of engineers, software
developers, designers, patients, and clinicians. Together, they collaborated to develop and
evaluate a mobile health (mHealth) system for swallowing therapy aimed at patients with
head and neck cancer (HNC). This system is called Mobili-TTM, short for Mobile Therapy.

In her role as Co-Lead of HNSFAL, Gabi aims to offer both specialized clinical care and to
contribute to clinical research that informs future patient care. HNSFAL’s vision continues to
be that patients, clinicians, and researchers collaborate to understand, prevent, and
rehabilitate the negative effects of head and neck cancer on function and quality of life.